Article Publication Charges

Subscription journals manage the cost by a fee to access the contents. As Open Access content is freely accessible and available, therefore, the costs are recouped by through publication policy. Journals utilize a variety of ways to generate the income required to cover publishing costs (including editorial cost, any cost of administrating the peer review system, promotion of the contents, circulation, and indexing etc.), such as subsidies from institutions and subscriptions. A number of open access journals do not charge article processing fee, but majorities, significant and growing number of journals do.
However, article submission is totally free in ARES. Once the article has been submitted, the Author will be awarded with acknowledgement letter-a receipt of receiving the article. Then the article will go through the Pre- Editorial Review that is totally free of cost. Pre- Editorial Review meant to check up and scrutinize the submitted article on the basic criteria of ARES Publishing Policy, it includes: scope, Non-Repository Turnitin Originality (below than 19%), Basic Format (Authors’ Strength and Citation Style etc.), and Abstract and Key Words
After pre editorial review, article will be sent to formal editorial and peer review process. Peer Review and Evaluation includes double -blind peer review. Specific articles can be sent to a third reviewer. Article will be accepted if two referees recommend for publication. 

The journal (ARES) does not recevie any fee during this entire process.